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KTH Holding AB

KTH Holding operates at the center of the Stockholm innovation eco system for tech startups and collaborates closely with KTH Innovation, who offers KTH researches and students free, objective and confidential innovation support. Through our wide and active network we also facilitate additional funding from both private and public sources.

KTH Holding is a public company that is administered by the KTH university board since 2006. The holding company invests in early, promising startups stemming from reasearch or education at KTH with the aim of promoting commercialisation and enable new science to create impact in society. 

KTH Holding makes ownership investments (link!), investments in IPR (link!) and, together with KTH Innovation, administers the funding program Verifiering för tillväxt - VFT.  

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Last changed: Aug 10, 2017