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Investment in IPR (patents)

KTH Holding handles and commercializes intellectual property (IPR), primarily patents, from KTH research. The objective is to support the commercialization of KTH research.

On a KTH mandate, KTH Holding owns and manages intellectual property rights in a number of research centers (including VINN Excellence Centers).

KTH Holding also invests in patents based on KTH research. KTH Holding offers researchers extended support and funding to commercialize research based inventions/patents. This offer is called IP-2-Market and aims to bring research based inventions and patents to the market through licensing or selling of patents and other IPR to existing companies. The offer is open to researchers who, for instance, do not have the opportunity or interest in fully involving themselves in the commercialization process. 

Find out more about the offer here:  Information IP-2-Market (pdf 43 kB) .

If you have research results that you think may be patentable and have commercial potential, please contact us: 

Daniel Carlsson, IP Manager,

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Last changed: May 07, 2014